Start Your Ninja Journey Today!

Are you tired of the normal gym routine?  Do you want to LEARN something new from every class?  Are you looking for a training style that will help rebuild your body, not cause more aches and pains?

Do you want to have FUN while making friends, improving mobility, and getting stronger all at the same time?

If you’re looking to reach your full potential, then Ninja Academy is the place for you.


Normal gyms can get a bit boring, that’s why a lot of people are looking for a new style of training to help them become better versions of themselves.  At Ninja Academy, we applaud anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives, but did you know that many gyms DON’T WANT YOU TO TURN UP?!

That’s right, many gyms survive by oversubscribing “members” and locking them into long term contracts, knowing full well that they could never support their member base if they were all actively using their gyms.

We’re not like normal gyms.  We don’t have lock in contracts, and more importantly we WANT TO SEE YOU, like everyday…we’re a bit needy that way…

That’s why we’ve come up with REWARD – a membership offer to help make sure you actually get the most out of your membership and GET THE RESULTS from your hard work and consistency.

REWARD is simple: we give you a FREE upgrade to UNLIMITED CLASSES in your first month, so you can see which of our wide range of classes you like best.

Here’s the best bit though, if you visit us at least THREE DAYS per week in your first month, we’ll give you another FREE UPGRADE to unlimited classes in your second month.  Think of how awesome you’ll be if you use our facility at least three times a week for two whole months?!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! That’s right, we’re going full cheesy sales advert on you.  If you visit us at least three days per week in month two, we’ll give you ANOTHER FREE UPGRADE in month three.

So to recap – if you actually attend our classes or train with us as a member you could get UNLIMITED CLASSES for THREE MONTHS and save yourself $300!!

We’ve helped countless members achieve new skills, everything from pancakes, splits, muscle ups, handstands, back flips, taking on our obstacles, learning parkour, bouldering…the list is endless.  More than the flashy skills, we’ve helped people obtain a HIGHER QUALITY OF LIFE through better mobility and movement.

Ask yourself this question: Does my training make my life better and let me try all the cool things I want to try?

That’s what your training should be about this year.  If your training leaves you broken, injured, or unable to enjoy the little things in life – like playing sports with the kids, climbing trees, being free from pain – then you probably need a new style of training.

There’s never been a better time to join Ninja Academy and start your journey to AWESOME.