Ninja Academy offers a range of classes run by some of the best teachers and instructors in Perth.


The standard Adult class size is limited to just 20 people, and the Kids class size is limited to 15 people. We strongly recommend booking in advance to reserve a spot in the class of your choice.


$25 for non-members
$10 for members*

*Members will only have to pay for a class where it is not already included in their membership package.


Check out the Schedule page for the class schedule and to book online for classes.


Unique to Ninja Academy, the Elements range of core classes blend multiple training principles and movement styles into a cohesive and developmental class format.

The elements – earth, water, fire, and air – feature heavily in Japanese culture, with each possessing unique attributes, but working in harmony with the other elements.

The Elements reflects this, with each class having a different focus, but working together to provide a holistic movement practice, build movement competence, and help people understand their true potential.

All Elements classes are suitable for students of all ability levels.


Representing strength and stability, Earth builds a solid foundation of strength, power, endurance, and joint stability in the body.

Earth classes are grounded in the core principles of physicality and sureness of action through controlled movements under load and strength through full ranges of motion.

Become solid with Earth.

  • Each class will focus on developing strength. Sessions generally cycle between bent-arm strength, straight-arm strength and lower body strength using primarily bodyweight exercises.
  • For example, activities can include handstands, bar dips, chin-ups, pull-ups, muscle-up progressions or Bulgarian split squats.
  • If any of these sound daunting – don’t worry! Our classes are beginner-friendly and our coaches have variations of exercises suitable for all fitness levels.


Representing fluidity and flow, Water enhances body awareness and flexibility.

Endless adaptability and suppleness of motion are translated to human mobility and locomotion in Water classesExploring unique and fluid movement patterns, Water promotes an awareness of the body that improves the natural flow of the mover.

Flow with Water.

  • Each class will work on developing mobility across the whole body by improving spine and hip mobility and opening up the shoulders.
  • For example, activities can include deep squat and split progressions, spinal exercises and hanging.
  • Don’t worry if mobility isn’t your strong suit, our classes are beginner friendly and our coaches have variations or exercises suitable for all fitness levels.


Representing energy and power, Fire invigorates the body through active play.

Inspired by the endless play of flickering flames, Fire classes burst with energetic movement through non-competitive game play and constant movement. Fire is an opportunity to raise the level of intensity of training and push the limits of movement practice.

Burn bright with Fire.

  • Each class will develop metabolic conditioning through a series of high-intensity movement exercises and partner games.
  • For example, activities can include box jumps, skipping or crawling.
  • Don’t worry if cardiovascular strength isn’t your strong suit, our classes are beginner friendly and our coaches have variations or exercises suitable for all fitness levels.


Representing growth and freedom of movement, Air pushes the boundaries of movement capacity.

Incorporating elements of tricking, flipping, breaking, tumbling, and gymnastics, Air classes enhance dynamic movement and build confidence in physical expression and movement patterns both on and off the floor.

Feel free with Air.

  • Each class will be focused on skill acquisition on Ninja Academy’s sprung gymnastics floor and tumble tracks.
  • For example, activities can include backflip progressions or butterfly kicks.
  • If committing to a flip seems impossible, don’t worry! Our amazing instructor is an expert at getting people over their fear.


The Specialist series of classes is an opportunity for people to experience some of the amazing training styles developed and practiced around the world.


Parkour teaches people essential skills like jumping, running, landing, climbing, and rolling.
The purpose of our Parkour class is to ensure participants are able to train safely in any environment, while still exploring the limits of their physical and mental capacity.
Learn from some of the best practitioners in Australia in a purpose built parkour facility at Ninja Academy.


Capoeira is a Brazilian art form that incorporates elements of martial arts, acrobatics, dance, music and culture.
Suitable for all skill levels, find the flow in your movement and learn the intricacies of this vibrant culture.


Yoga is an extremely valuable movement practice, with benefits ranging from improved flexibility and posture, to enhanced focus and relaxation.
Experience the benefits of yoga and incorporate it into a holistic movement practice at Ninja Academy.



Ninja Academy understands the importance of having a good movement practice from an early age.

While most of our facility is adults only, the kids class is a chance to introduce children to movement in a fun and safe environment. Ninja Academy’s highly skilled instructors will ensure kids have a great foundation of movement patterns to call on in later life to help prevent injuries playing sports and enable them to fully explore their own physical potential.

Kids Parkour: This class focuses just on the art of parkour.

Our kids classes are both split into two age groups: ages 9-11 and ages 12-15.

Unfortunately we do not currently cater for kids under the age of 9.


Private coaching is available for people who want a more individualised training program or guidance from some of the best teachers in Perth. We offer private coaching in a range of skills and training styles, everything from handstands and ring work to parkour and bouldering.


Freestyle sessions are a great chance for non-members to come down and try out the various facilities at Ninja Academy.

They’re unstructured so you’re free to play around on whatever takes your fancy. It’s business as usual for members who are free to use the facility during Freestyle sessions.

Cost: $25 per session for non-members
Times: Check out the Schedule page for Freestyle session times.


Members who have completed a safety induction are able to visit Ninja Academy during Open Training times.

Open Training simply means the facility is open to eligible members to participate in unstructured training.
Open Training is only available to members.


Ninja Academy is available to host your next private function – anything from birthday’s to corporate team building. Simply Contact us with your enquiry and we’ll arrange a package so suit your needs.



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