Parkour, or free running, embodies the Ninja philosophy of adaptability and resourcefulness.

Parkour is an amazingly useful skill to develop, and many of the techniques will translate to better performance in the Ninja Challenge Course.

Parkour classes teach people essential skills like jumping, running, landing, climbing, and rolling.

The purpose of Parkour is to ensure participants are able to train safely in any environment, while exploring the limits of their physical and mental capacity.

Our Parkour classes are a unique opportunity to learn from some of the best practitioners in Australia in a purpose built parkour facility.
The Ninja Academy parkour area allows you to develop and test vital skills like rail balance, plyometrics, wall runs, rolling, and vaulting.
Parkour is especially useful in helping you overcome your fears, such as the fear of heights, and help you understand the real potential of you physical abilities.

Here’s a little taste of what parkour has to offer.

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