Movement training has become extremely popular in recent years.

People are moving away from traditional body building routines and looking to re-discover the wonder of movement.

With an array of skills included under the general “movement” name, the aim is to experience a wide range of movement patterns.

Movement training incorporates elements from everything from street calisthenics to gymastics and dancing.

With plenty of room to practice on rings and bars, and a massive bamboo floor for locomotion work, Ninja Academy is the home of movement training in Perth.

The teachers at Ninja Academy have mostly trained under the Ido Portal method and can have clients from 6 to 60 years old.

They can help you get your first handstand, correct your posture, improve your mobility, or even work towards more advanced skills like a planche or a strict ring muscle up.

To help supplement movement training, Ninja Academy also has a range of functional training equipment including Olympic lifting bars and plates, a prowler, and a range of pro-grade kettlebells.

Here’s a great video explaining what movement training is all about.

Check out the Getting Started page for details on how you can join Ninja Academy.



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